Mexico is the birthplace of some of the most widely used ingredients:
avocados, pumpkins, tomatoes, beans, corn, chilies and vanilla.

The world of the Mexican cuisine is a labyrinth, a fusion of pre-
Columbus mesoamerican culinary rudiments combined
with Spanish influences from the conquistadors.

Mexico’s cultural blending has created a widely
diverse cuisine that is distinguished in
each of its region not only by its
ingredients but also by its
regional cultural identity.

Street food is
strongly associated
with Mexican culture
and Colorful Mexican
food markets serve all over
the country antojitos, using just
tortillas, fillings and spices creating a
wonderful pallet of tastes and smells on the streets.

For the Mexicans, food is considered to be the force that
keeps their nation united. Either poor or rich, Mexicans enjoy
eating on the streets free from any social distinguishes.


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